Leonel (lil_slugger11) wrote in anime_service,

First post.

Yep. Apperantly, I was trying to have a name like, "Anime_News" or "Anime_Info" but they were taken. So I just went for the next big thing.

Um. This is basically a community for people who are interested in what animes/mangas are coming out, what animes/mangas are getting licensed, the sypnosis on the animes/mangas etc. Yeah. T_T

For starters, I would like to say that Fullmetal Alchemist the movie has just been licensed by FUNimation and will be coming out on October 3rd. Also coming out on the 3rd is the last Vol. of Fullmetal Alchemist(Vol. 13) the TV series.

That's my first post. Of course there's going to be more.

Edit: I need a layout.

EDIT2: I would also like to mention, that there's going to be a new NEGIMA series coming out soon. Here are some pics of the new NEGIMA that's coming out. In my opinion, looks like Pani Poni Dash.
(Pics are all credit to Matthew and his Anime Blogger.)

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